New EP Ballad of Dreams Out now

2013-01-05 15:23:28 by ThePlanetPluto

Ballad Of Dreams is out now come check it out and tell us what you think

Pluto: The Mission

2011-09-27 22:04:16 by ThePlanetPluto

come and see our first installment of The Planet Pluto comic here on facebook

Our first music video

2011-08-16 21:53:54 by ThePlanetPluto

Directed by Kyle Tettelbach

Are we Alone? This driving rock song by the incomparable up-and-coming alt rock outfit The Planet Pluto provides the foreground for a strange story of aliens, imprisonment, individuality, connection beyond boundaries, and escape.

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Lets try something!

2011-07-20 05:20:01 by ThePlanetPluto

OK OK... We know you could see that there hasn't been anything going on with The Planet Pluto, but let me tell you we haven't sitting around doing nothing. We are working hard to get you shows and a all new EP with songs that our fans only have heard live. Plus our NEW songs that we have been working very hard on will make your hardcore bones shatter into a million little sparkles that can power the world.

The band is doing very well and gaining a lot of support from our fans. As of right now we would like to ask some of our new grounds fans to come and make some art work to one of our songs or to the band in general. Show us what your made of, and if you show us that you tried your best we will be sure to fav. your art. We also have something in the works for you that will only be on new grounds.

thanks a lot we cant wait XD!!!
The Planet Pluto

Lets try something!

More music

2011-01-11 23:05:59 by ThePlanetPluto

Coming soon?

For true

2010-12-04 03:01:29 by ThePlanetPluto

Haven't been putting our music up here, but we ARE going to be putting up some stuff soon, I swear!


2010-11-24 02:14:14 by ThePlanetPluto

Here's our newest recording, Bounty, have a listen!

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And we had it, we decided to leave. I was waiting for Blair and Rocky to get ready, we had been preparing for a day like this.

Under the dim light of the Sun gently kissing Pluto's surface, we shuffled quickly. Pluto's population was a dying one, and we needed more than just a dreary wish of a dream's hope. I looked at Nix and Hydra inching away above us, we needed to move.

I wished to keep things, relics, reminders of who we were, and where we came from. I glided into my gallery and looked through the mountains of information, the crumbling office which I had to leave my precious collections of art and gadgets, all of these things had a purpose unknown to them. I whispered to my treasures that I would return, as if I knew I would return.

I pressed the switch embedded into my arm and after a tickling vibration I was in Rocky's mind's eye. I saw through the the windows in his face.

He was moving at his sluggish pace, and he noticed my sentience.

"Heeeeey Keith." He mumbled, as if he was gargling the words to cleanse his mouth. I didn't respond, instead I looked around - through him. I pulled him towards what needed to be taken for our departure. Satisfied with the little direction I gave him I peeled back into my own mind, turning, I noticed Blair standing at the threshold to room I occupied.

"Rocky..." he said exhaustedly. I nodded in agreement and cleared my throat to say something, but thought against it.

"Well, I'm ready Keith, I guess we should go to Rocky, it'll be faster that way." He motioned for me to follow him and I galloped right beside him.

Walking out of the building I called home I looked across the street at the place I had first met Blair, the school we shared.

He noticed how I was staring and muttered, "Such a long time right? Feels like we're moving in slow motion and falling fast at the same time sometimes."

"Or like we're falling fast but in slow motion." I said giggling softly.

We moved quickly and soon we were at Rocky's worn down door step. We let ourselves in and there was Rocky, sitting down playing some simple Plutonian game.

I clicked my tongue and trying to smooth over my anger poorly said "Kay, let's make like a tree."

I started walking and then the whole floor shook as if it were trying to wake the dead.

The cold ground began to open up and swallow what little it could. Shaken, I called out to Blair and Rocky, and they both responded.

Beckoning to them to hurry, we began to run, or at least I assumed they were running. Looking back hurriedly I noticed Rocky was only walking at a slightly increased speed as Brandon sprinted far past me. I looked up as I ran and hit some elevated soil which pulled me down. I saw Charon slowly falling towards us.

Was this the beginning of Pluto's demise?


Come check us out

2010-10-21 16:44:03 by ThePlanetPluto

You can find more of our music on facebook: et-Pluto/10150099254300398

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