Lets try something!

2011-07-20 05:20:01 by ThePlanetPluto

OK OK... We know you could see that there hasn't been anything going on with The Planet Pluto, but let me tell you we haven't sitting around doing nothing. We are working hard to get you shows and a all new EP with songs that our fans only have heard live. Plus our NEW songs that we have been working very hard on will make your hardcore bones shatter into a million little sparkles that can power the world.

The band is doing very well and gaining a lot of support from our fans. As of right now we would like to ask some of our new grounds fans to come and make some art work to one of our songs or to the band in general. Show us what your made of, and if you show us that you tried your best we will be sure to fav. your art. We also have something in the works for you that will only be on new grounds.

thanks a lot we cant wait XD!!!
The Planet Pluto

Lets try something!


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